Pinewa DamThere are many Parks in and around Lac du Bonnet for your relaxation and enjoyment.


Sparmen Park - Tennis anyone!
Memorial Park - Play Structure, War memorial & play field.
Leslie Park - Basketball, Flower Gardens, Walking trail.
Lakeside Park - Riverview & Walk.
Beach - Play Structures, Beach, Pier, Boat slips, River Walk, Fishing.
La Verendrye Boat Launch - Boat Launch, Historic Cairns & Restrooms  


Rural Municipality:

Halliday Park - Museum & Walking Trails
Bridgeside Park - Fishing, Boat Launch, Picnics & Restrooms.


Provincial Parks:

Agassiz Provincial Forest - Wilderness & Sightseeing
Old Pinawa Dam Provincial Park - Old Hydro Dam Site with spectacular views of ruins, rapids and waterfalls along a walking trail. (website)
Nopiming Provincial Park - Wilderness adventure for back country enthusiasts and fisherman. (website)
Whiteshell Provincial Park