Delegations are held at Regular Meetings of Council at the following times:

(3:00 - 3:15 p.m.)

The Council of the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet welcomes input and feedback from ratepayers on all matters affecting the quality of life in our jurisdiction.  To this end, Council invites delegations to appear before them at all regular Council Meetings.
Given the public nature of Council and Committee Meetings, an individual who submits an email or any other written correspondence or documentation to a member of council, administration, for a public hearing, and/or a delegation should expect that the information, including his/her personal information (name and address) might be disclosed at a council meeting and may form part of the meeting minutes of such meeting as a matter of public record.
This also means that if a copy of the correspondence or documentation presented to council, administration regarding a public hearing and is requested by a third party (the media) may be disclosed.  This following the provisions of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

To ensure that the best use of time, and to provide for a fair method of dealing with delegations at Council meetings of the RM of Lac du Bonnet, the following Rules & Procedures will apply:

1. All person(s) wishing to appear before Council as a delegation must register by completing a Delegation Registration Form available here or from the Municipal Office or with our online delegation registration form.  This form must be filed with the Administrative Staff no later than 5 days before the scheduled commencement of the meeting.
2.  Persons registering for a delegation must provide a short, comprehensive statement as to the subject and purpose of the delegation.  This information will allow council to notify appropriate RM personnel to be present at the delegation, and/or provide pre-delegation information for council.
3.  In order to ensure that Council will have adequate time to deal with municipal business, the Chief Administrative Officer or Assistant (in consultation with the Reeve and/or Deputy Reeve) can limit the number of delegations appearing at any one meeting of Council.
4.  In the case where a delegation is denied for a specified Council meeting, the Cheif Administrative Officer or Assistant (in consultation with the Reeve and/or Deputy Reeve) shall consider the delegation if deemed to be of an urgent nature.
5.  In situations where a delegation consists of many people, one spokesperson must be appointed for the group.
6. Should special audio-visual equipment be required for a presentation, such equipment should be accompanied by the presenter, or suitable arrangements be made with administrative staff if requested prior to the meeting.
7.  If written documentation is to be provided, seven copies are required for council, preferably prior to the council meeting.  The onus is on the delegation presenter to collect and prepare their own documentation.
8.  Council members will have a five (5) minutes period at the end of the delegation to ask questions or clarify information.
9.  Delegations making application to discuss a matter that has already been discussed and dealt with through an earlier delegation, to the satisfaction of Council, may not be allowed to appear before Council. Delegations making application to discuss a matter that is under current or anticipated legal proceedings shall not be considered by council.  The applicant shall be advised accordingly.
10.  All comments and/or questions will be directed to the Chair and there shall be no interaction between parties in the chambers. Presenters who deviate from the subject matter as indicated in their Delegation Registration will be interrupted by the Chair. If the presenter persists in deviating from the subject matter the Chair may close the presentation.
11.  Delegations shall adhere to all directions from the Chair and all presenters must remain respectful to all while in Council Chambers.
12.  Delegations are only for presenting information.  Council may choose to follow-up on the information at a later date.
Unless otherwise advertised in the local paper, Regular Council Meetings take place at the R.M. Council Chambers located at #4187, off Provincial Hwy #317, 1.5 kilometers west of the junction of Provincial Trunk Highway #11.