General Information

  • The RM of Lac du Bonnet taxation year runs from January to December.
  • Property taxes are due on September 13th, 2019. No discount is offered for early payment. Tax statements are mailed out in July.
  • Supplementary tax statements will be issued to properties that have changes in assessment due to new construction or renovations which were not reflected on the annual tax statements and will be mailed out by the end of August.
  • If you are moving, please provide us with your new civic address and complete mailing address. If an ownership change occurs and you receive a tax bill for a property you no longer own, please forward the tax bill to the current owner or return it immediately to the RM office. 
Note: Failure to receive a bill does NOT excuse an owner from responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve that owner from liability for any late payment penalty.  Penalties of 1.25% per month are added to any outstanding taxes on the first of every month beginning October 1st each year.
If you purchased a property this year and you did not receive a tax statement, please contact our office at 204-345-2619 and we will send you a copy.
If you have questions regarding your tax assessment, please contact the Municipal Assessment Branch in Selkirk at 204-785-5092.

Methods of Payment

Accepted Methods of Payments: 
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Debit (ensure daily withdrawal limit covers remittance)
  • Money Order
  • E-Transfer - Send e-transfers to The question is: What am I paying for?  The answer is: propertytax (one word, small caps)
  • Mail to the following address along with the stub from your tax statement so that your payment can be applied to the correct roll number. 
RM of Lac du Bonnet
Box 100
Lac du Bonnet, MB
R0E 1A0
Please be advised we now have a mail slot at our current building to drop off your payment after hours.

Online Banking with the following Institutions:
Royal Bank of Canada - Lac du Bonnet (Rural Municipal) tax
Scotiabank - Lac du Bonnet (mun) taxes
Sunova Credit Union - Lac du Bonnet, RM of
All other Credit Unions - Lac du Bonnet (Rural Municipality)

Online Banking Set-up Instructions
When setting up the RM of Lac du Bonnet with your online banking system for the first time:
1. Add a Payee
2. Enter the Payee name into the search field
3. Select the correct name according to the list above
4. Enter your account number, which is your ten-digit tax roll number as displayed on the top right-hand corner of your tax statement. You must enter all 10 digits, but do not enter the decimal point
**NOTE: most financial institutions take 2-4 business days to process the online payment. Penalties will be applied if the payment is not received by the due date.
Should you require a receipt please send you email address to and request to have your receipt emailed to you.


Property taxes are calculated based on the assessed value of your property. Taxes are assessed from January 1st to December 31st of the current year.
Appealing your assessment
Property Assessment Notices (if there are changes) are generally mailed out in August. To appeal the 2020 property assessment, application for revision must be received by the RM of Lac du Bonnet office by 4:30 pm on Tuesday September 3rd, 2019.  

Appealing Property Assessments

Application for Revision of Assessment Roll


Available Credits

There are several property tax credits that you may be eligible to apply for, to assist in the payment of your property taxes.

Most homeowners currently receive this property tax credit directly on their tax statements. Eligible recipients may receive up to a maximum of $700 as a reduction of their school division taxes. You are eligible to receive this credit once for your primary residence that you own. You will not be approved for this credit to display on your tax statement if your home is registered in a corporate name, if you have more than 1 dwelling on your property, or if your mailing address is not local. If you did not receive the EPTCA, but believe that you qualify, please contact our office or the Manitoba Tax Assistance Office.
The Senior’s School Tax Rebate has changed effective 2016. The Rebate can be claimed when you file your income tax return. This means that a separate application for the Rebate is no longer necessary. It also means that in future years, you will be able to make retroactive claims for up to three years, but no further back than the 2016 Rebate.
The Manitoba government is offering a rebate and landowners are required to submit an annual application to Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC). The rebate applies only to the school taxes assessed on your farmland and does not apply to residences or buildings. Please visit the website for more information.