Delegation Rules & Information

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If you would like to appear before Council as a delegation, please fill out the form below. After review, we will notify you of the Council Meeting you will be appearing in. 

  • All person(s) wishing to appear before Council as a delegation must register by completing a Delegation Registration Form (Available below and from the Municipal Office). 
  • The Delegation Registration Form must be submitted no later than five days before the schedule commencement of the meeting. 
  • In situations where a delegation consists of many people, one spokesperson must be appointed for the group. 
  • All delegations are limited to fifteen minute presentations. 
  • Delegations are only for presenting information. Council may choose to follow up on the information at a later date.
  • Delegations are held at Regular Meetings of Council with two available time slots: 3 p.m. and 3:15 p.m.

For more information regarding delegation rules please see: Schedule E of the Council Procedures By-Law No. 10-22.