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RM of Lac du Bonnet Recreation

For more information on programs and events, click the "Programs" tab. 

Registration for programs can be found on the "Programs" page. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a full range of accessible recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities and to provide a commitment to meeting the challenges of today and the opportunities of the future.


Our Mission

The RM of Lac du Bonnet Recreation Department is the community connection for sports, recreation, health and leisure, arts, programs and entertainment. RM of Lac du Bonnet Recreation seeks to promote and encourage programs that benefit all ages; children, youth, teens, adults and seniors; programs that promote personal growth, self-esteem and health awareness and that significantly contribute to the quality of life enjoyed by all RM of Lac du Bonnet residents and visitors. 

Recreation News & Updates

June 3, 2024: The RM of Lac du Bonnet hosted a public site meeting at Osprey Crescent showcasing three draft designs for a new recreational hub.  The RM is currently focusing on phase 1, the build of an outdoor pickleball court with appropriate parking (inside the park).  We are very grateful for the outstanding participation that came from the community who attended the meeting to ask questions. If you were unable to attend but would like to participate in the discussion, please use our online survey. Please visit our online survey to provide your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. 


Phone: 204-345-2619 ext. 108

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