Municipal Roadways

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Road Maintenance Standards by Season

The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet is responsible for maintaining approximately 490 kilometers of roadway. As a result, it is impossible to know the condition of all roadways at all times. Therefore, the public is encouraged to alert our Public Works Department of roadway deficiencies by calling 204-345-2998, or sending an e-mail to or

The largest portion of the Municipality's operating budget (approximately 45% of Municipal tax) is allocated to maintaining the jurisdiction's transportation network. While every effort is made to provide an adequate level of service with respect to municipal roads, there are two major factors that affect the municipality's ability to do so. These include:

  • Limited financial and human resources; and
  • Weather  

In light of these factors, it is imperative that ratepayers understand the standards and policies that have been established by Council as they apply to road maintenance within the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet. The following information attempts to outline these standards on a seasonal basis.


  • During periods of routine snowfalls, every effort will be made to clear all roadways within the municipality within two days (heavy snowfall periods allow three days).
  • Snow will be removed by using a grader or plow truck and all sides of roadways will be cleared using a side-mounted wing. Use of the wing is important so that drivers can distinguish the roadway from the ditch. Moreover, clearing snow with the wing helps drainage of the roadway during early spring thaw.
  • Since roadways and ditches are municipal property, landowners are cautioned about placing poles next to approaches and obstructions around driveway culverts.
  • Where slippery conditions exist, roadways will be sanded at intersections and major curves only. Therefore, driving at a safe and responsible speed is strongly encouraged.

 For more information please see: Snow and Ice Control Policy


The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet hereby gives notice that any party who deposits snow upon a highway or the shoulders thereof, may be in contravention of Section 217 (2) of The Highway Traffic Act, which reads as follows:

A person who drops, throws or deposits upon a highway any substance or thing likely to injure a person, animal or vehicle shall immediately remove or cause it to be removed. 

As the practice of cleaning private lanes and driveways and leaving of snow on the road and/or shoulders creates hazardous driving conditions, the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet will take whatever action is necessary to enforce the above-mentioned section of the Act.

NOTE: The term highway applies to all roads and streets within the municipality, both provincial and municipal.

Council of the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet

Spring, Summer and Fall

  • Regular road maintenance will commence as early in the spring as weather permits. Priority will be given to major arteries and those roads adversely affected during winter.
  • Where required, roadways may receive an application of traffic gravel once provincial road restrictions have been lifted. Adequate packing as needed may follow the placement of gravel.
  • Where required, dust control will be applied once per year on all roadways fronting residences only.
  • Grading of roadways following the distribution of dust control is counterproductive. As a result, grading will only take place on those roads in major disrepair following the application of dust control.
  • Dust Control absorbs and retains moisture. When wet the roads tend to become slippery. Caution is encouraged.
  • A concerted effort will be made to ensure all roads are graded smooth prior to freeze up in the fall.