Part 9 - New Residential or Commercial Building and Additions

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Part 9 - New Residential or Commercial Building and Additions

Permit Requirements (Single Family Dwellings, Two Family Dwellings, Buildings 3 Stories or Less, Buildings Less Than 6458sq’)

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1. A Completed Permit Application

2. Certificate/Status of Title - Current within 30 days of application

3. Letter of Authorization - Required if someone is filling out the application on behalf of the owner 

4. Site Plan - Must show the following:

  • All property lines and their dimensions 
  • Existing and proposed buildings/structures including accessory structures with dimensions
  • Distance between all buildings/structures (eave to eave)
  • Distance between proposed building/structure and the property lines to wall (Must be within the zoning setbacks unless a variance is approved by council)
  • Easements (if applicable) found on your certificate of title
  • Driveways
  • Surrounding streets
  • Well and septic field locations
  • Parking lots, indicating parking spaces (commercial only)Landscaped areas (commercial only)

5. Construction Plans - 2 copies or one electronic (PDF) copy of construction plans sealed by a MB Professional Engineer, seal to be current within 1 year of application. Plans should include the following:

  • Foundation plan (With weeping tile information if applicable)
  • Future basement layout (If applicable)
  • Floor plan (With dimensions)
  • Elevation drawings
  • Detailed cross sections, dimensions and elevations
  • Roof and floor system plan from supplier
  • Plumbing layout - Schematic of the drainage system
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning drawings
  • Effective thermal resistance calculations for floor and ceiling

6. Civic Address and Culvert – Must be in place before a permit can be issued. Application are made through the RM of Lac du Bonnet and the Town of Lac du Bonnet.

Town Office - Phone 204-345-8693 or email 

RM Office - Phone 204-345-2619 or email

7. Staking Certificate / Survey and Lot Grade - Required for all properties located in the Town of Lac du Bonnet and a Trust Deposit is required, paid to town. Properties located in the RM may require a survey to be completed upon the discretion of the Building Inspector and Public Work Department.

8. List of Contractors - Optional but very beneficial for building inspector (business cards are encouraged)

9. All Applicable Permit Fees and Deposits (As stated in Building By-Law and paid at time of pick up.)